Focus on what you can control: 5 reasons to run a race recce

In 3 weeks’ time, I’ll be running the Lakes in a Day event, a 50 mile ultra run from the top of the lake district to the bottom with over 4,000 metres of ascent. For me, as I would guess for 99% of people, this will be a huge challenge, pushing me well beyond my … Continue reading Focus on what you can control: 5 reasons to run a race recce


Making the most of a bad situation

This week started off great. I was on a real high from last weeks Northampton Half Marathon, having really enjoyed the course and set an unexpected PB. I took 2 rest days on Monday and Tuesday and spent my lunchtime training sessions with some good stretching and core work. By the time Wednesday came around … Continue reading Making the most of a bad situation

Northampton Half Marathon: race review

Northampton Half Marathon, 3rd September 2017 13.1 miles, 1hours 45 minutes Event website Being a true Northamptonian, entering this race was a no brainer. Logistics for the race were straightforward. They had registration open on Saturday which I took advantage of which meant there was little to do on race day other than get myself … Continue reading Northampton Half Marathon: race review

“You are spoiling us, Mr Ambassador!”

Well, what a few weeks! I’ve been focusing this summer on developing my own Social Media presence, with the emphasis on running. One of the main reasons was to start documenting the races I’ve run, the training I’m doing and my general musings on running, fitness and exercise. This was mainly for my own benefit … Continue reading “You are spoiling us, Mr Ambassador!”

Preventing the dreaded nipple rub

Product details: NipEAZE – Nipple Plasters Product website Having solved my major leg chafing issues with Runderwear (Preventing chaffing on a long run), I have now turned my attention to preventing nipple chaffing. I know I enjoy running, but I wouldn’t say I get so excited that my nipples are be bursting through my running tee. … Continue reading Preventing the dreaded nipple rub

Race Review – Milton Keynes Marathon

Milton Keynes Marathon, 1st May 2017 26.2 miles, 4hours 14 minutes Event website Reason for signing up: Whilst I have run 10 marathon distances in the last few years, most have been as part of other events (Ironman, multi day ultra-events etc.) and to this point I had only run 2 official road marathons (Brighton … Continue reading Race Review – Milton Keynes Marathon

The joy of parkrun for a long-distance runner

I’ve known about parkrun for a good few years now. An old work colleague (Hi Rob) is a race director at Bushy park, home of the first parkrun, and my wife was a keen parkrunner in Northampton. I love the idea of the community spirit and accessibility that parkrun promote, however I had never thought … Continue reading The joy of parkrun for a long-distance runner

Preventing chaffing on a long run: Runderwear review

Product details: Runderwear Men’s Boxer Running Shorts £18, Manufacturers website Being a runner and keen cyclist, I'm blessed with / cursed with (delete as appropriate) rather sizable thighs. Whilst this may help me in a Tour de France sprint finish (should I ever bizarrely find myself in one), it doesn't help when trying to avoid chaffing … Continue reading Preventing chaffing on a long run: Runderwear review

Outlaw Triathlon – Race Review

Outlaw Triathlon 23rd July 2017, Nottingham, UK Time: 13 hours, 54 minutes Event Website Reason for signing up: Having left it 12 months since my first Ironman, the pain and agony had long been forgotten but the warm glow of an awesome achievement was still there and I always knew in the back of my mind … Continue reading Outlaw Triathlon – Race Review