Equinox24: Race Review

I was talked into entering this race by a friend, as a pair. At the time I didn't put much thought into it as I had other races I was focussing on but as the event got closer I started to realise the enormity of what we were about to take on: As many 10k … Continue reading Equinox24: Race Review

Berlin Marathon: Race Review

As World Marathon Majors go, Berlin may often be dismissed compared to some of the more glamourous locations. However you should think again. Firstly, its probably the easiest to get into with either charity places with lower commitments or better odds in the lottery and of course, after London, its probably the easiest and cheapest … Continue reading Berlin Marathon: Race Review

Chicago Marathon: Race Review

London has Buck Palace, Tower Bridge & the Tower of London New York has Staten Island, Queensboro Bridge & Central Park Berlin has the Riechstag & Brandenberg gate Tokyo is unique in itself Boston is, well Boston. But what about Chicago? Leading up to the race I really didn't know what to expect. There were … Continue reading Chicago Marathon: Race Review

View from the back: Race review of the Brecon Beacons Trail Marathon

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQjWn1Hk_XQ   2 weeks ago I spotted a Facebook post from The Trail Events Company looking for volunteers to tail run the Breacon Beacons Trail Marathon. They were offering you a free race entry at any of their other events and as I happened to be looking for a long hilly run for that … Continue reading View from the back: Race review of the Brecon Beacons Trail Marathon

8 tips for Marathon tapering

It’s spring marathon season and lots of first timers will be coming to the end of their marathon training plan and considering tapering before the big day. Having done many marathons and endurance events in the past I’ve been in this situation many times and have improved my tapering practices over the years, often learning … Continue reading 8 tips for Marathon tapering

Preparing for an unexpectedly hot marathon

Its typical. Us Brits train for a spring marathon all winter, through the dark, cold, snow, rain and strong winds and then race day comes along and its predicted to be the hottest April day on record! Its 3 days before the 2018 London Marathon and forecasters are predicting one of the hottest marathons in … Continue reading Preparing for an unexpectedly hot marathon

Paris Marathon: Race Review

Ooh La La... what a race! Absolutely loved this race. From the iconic start line of the Champs Elysees, running past stunning palaces, the banks of the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, some nice rural parks and the finish line looking back up towards the Arc De Triomphe... whats not to like! London may have its … Continue reading Paris Marathon: Race Review

Belvoir Challenge: Race Review

  Belvoir Challenge - 26.2 mile distance 24th February 2018 Event Website This is a trail run organised by the local community of Harby, Leicestershire and is aimed at raising funds for the local primary school. With this in mind, I was surprised to see an entry list of over 1,000 participants across the 26.2 … Continue reading Belvoir Challenge: Race Review

Gayton 10k: Race Review

Sometimes its nice to just enter a race for the fun of it. I'm well into my Marathon training schedule now and to be honest I should be doing a long run on a Sunday. However, I switched things about a bit and did my long run last friday so I could enter this event … Continue reading Gayton 10k: Race Review

Milton Keynes Marathon – Training Diary

  I love the lead up to Christmas. The last few weeks of the year, once all events are complete, are spent researching and signing up for new events in 2018. I’m full of excitement for adventures to be had and pay little attention to what training is needed to complete them, after all they’re … Continue reading Milton Keynes Marathon – Training Diary